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Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue

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Tristan Eaton and Sideshow proudly present the Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue, transforming Eaton’s iconic Uprise mural series into a three-dimensional, low relief sculpture for art collectors to enjoy.

World-renowned painter and designer Tristan Eaton has received critical acclaim and a dedicated following for his large-scale public murals, of which there are about 100 worldwide. His distinctive graphic style, unique voice, and innovative ideas often blur the lines between commercial and fine art. The Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue pays tribute to the relentless spirit and struggle of human revolution throughout the ages, captured in Eaton’s signature collage style. The sculpture measures 16.5” tall x 5.75” wide x 5.75” deep and is covered from top to bottom in bas-reliefs depicting pivotal moments of rebellion in world history. Powerful symbols and scenes combine into a tapestry of change, drawn together in the shape of a fist rising up in protest against injustice.

The Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue comes in a limited edition of only 700 pieces. Each individually numbered statue features a metal base plaque that is hand-signed by the artist, along with a certificate of authenticity. This limited-edition statue comes securely packaged in a custom designed art box featuring a selection from the Uprise mural series, a statement by Eaton, and a visual legend to identify the key moments represented in the sculpture. First debuted at the DEAD PRESS POP-UP art exhibition featuring Tristan Eaton x Sideshow, the Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue is an inspiring, eye-catching statement piece in any home.

Don’t miss your opportunity to bring home this ultra-limited Tristan Eaton x Sideshow collaboration — add the Uprise Fist Fine Art Statue to your collection today.

About the Artist:

Ambitious from a young age, Tristan Eaton began designing toys for Fisher Price at 18--well before graduating from his alma mater, the School of Visual Arts in New York--and co-founding the legendary KidRobot. There, he created two of its most iconic designs, the Dunny and Munny, solidifying himself as one of the founders of the designer toy movement carried forth by contemporary pop artists such as KAWS today. Shortly after KidRobot, Eaton founded Thunderdog Studios, where he created original art and design work for major clients like Nike, Universal and luxury watch brand Hublot among many others. His highly sought after style and work ethic in the field continues to inspire confidence in his clients and admiration among his peers while he blurs the lines between commercial and fine art.

Eaton is perhaps best known for his large scale public murals, found throughout the world from New York to Paris to Shanghai, which he executes in freehand spray paint; a technical and personal nod to his own history and respect for graffiti culture, while honoring traditional painting and muralism with his thoughtful and dynamic subject matter and compositions. From the monster paintings on the Universal Backlot Tour to his recent mural in historic Deep Ellum, Texas, Tristan Eaton creates dynamic and engaging work on a large scale.

All of these experiences become touchstones in Eaton's fine art practice where techniques new and old meet unusual and innovative ideas paired with an assortment of methods and materials both traditional and modern, all of which find a home and harmony in his work. Eaton’s work can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) permanent collection as well as the Cooper Hewitt Museum and previously at the Long Beach Museum of Art, which hosted a retrospective of his art career in 2021. For more information, visit


Height: 16.5" (42 cm)
Width: 5.75" (15 cm)
Depth: 5.75" (15 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg) *