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The Artist Statue

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“Through their artistry, the Elements of Hip Hop symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.”

Rock The Bells is proud to present Sideshow's release, The Elements of Hip-Hop Statue Collection, created in collaboration with BUA.

BUA’s Elements of Hip Hop series celebrates the archetypal heroes of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, representing Art, MCing, DJing, and a tribute to the year 1981. The Artist pays homage to an important figure in the rich visual history of hip hop culture, captured here in BUA’s inimitable art style as a highly detailed three dimensional collectible.

The Artist Statue measures 9.5” tall as a graffiti writer prepares to make his mark on the side of a subway car. This fully sculpted collectible utilizes a unique forced perspective sculpt and dynamic paint applications to bring BUA’s original illustration to life. He stands with feet planted firmly between the tracks as he brandishes his tools of the trade, from bolt cutters to canisters of spray paint. Stained with an array of colors, The Artist’s clothes and gear tell the story of his fearless pursuit of self expression as entire cityscapes transform into canvas for his creativity and identity.


9.5" H x 7.25"W x 7.5" D