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The 1981 B-Boy Statue

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“Through their artistry, the Elements of Hip Hop symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.”

Rock The Bells is proud to present Sideshow's release, The Elements of Hip-Hop Statue Collection, created in collaboration with BUA.

BUA’s Elements of Hip Hop series celebrates the archetypal heroes of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, representing Art, MCing, DJing, and a tribute to the year 1981. The 1981 Statue is a nostalgic salute to the tireless breakdancers in a monumental time for the unification and strengthening of Hip Hop culture.

The 1981: Elements of Hip Hop Statue measures 9.25” tall and 11.65" wide, utilizing a unique forced perspective sculpt and dynamic lighting in the paint application in order to bring BUA’s original illustration to life. Immersed in the Hip Hop lifestyle, a B-Boy breaks it down on his cardboard floor, spinning windmills as he hones his physical craft. The 1981 Statue includes a proximity boombox display piece that can be placed anywhere alongside the dancer to create a vivid scene of action, passion, and boundless energy.


9.25" H x 11.65"W x 13" D