Trick Daddy on the set of his video "I'm A Thug"

Trick Daddy: Goin' Down (And Going There) Before It Was Cool

"I'm eatin your butter, pink eggs and ham/
And you taste just like Spam, I'll be your player..."

That's the closing couplet from Miami rap legend Trick Daddy's 1997 track "I'll Be Your Player." The soon-to-be-rap star was still just an underground sensation when he uttered what might be the most poetic lyrics in rap history; making a name for himself in southern Hip-Hop circles with an unorthodox but clever lyricism. We didn't realize back then, but Trick Daddy was blazing a unique kind of trail. 

The casual rap fan may give Lil Wayne the credit for mainstreaming cunnilingus in Hip-Hop. That's not overstating; Weezy did do a lot to make the act of a man pleasuring a woman cool on rap records. In the 1990s, legends from Brand Nubian to Biggie seemed to have an aversion to (admitting) going down on their lady. Wayne's hits like "Lollipop" did a lot to change the game in that regard.

But while Wayne is undoubtedly important in this particular arena; I would be remiss not to mention Mr. Trick Daddy Dollars. 

Trick Daddy made headlines this week after his appearance on the "Drink Champs" podcast. During his interview, the "Take It To the House" rapper was asked about what he prefers in terms of oral sex, and let's just say things got extremely real. 

“Women eat the booty, too,” Trick Daddy told host N.O.R.E. “I get ate out!” When Noreaga asked about the specifics--namely, does he put his legs in the air while enjoying the act--Trick didn't flinch.

"It depends."

Trick Daddy's comments became the viral sensation of the week. But if you've been a fan of Trick's, you know this isn't new territory for him. This has been Trick's modus operandi since the very beginning of his career. "I'll Be Your Player" was on his first album.

Long before he formally launched the Eat A Booty Gang, Trick Daddy was rapping about putting his mouth in places "playas would never stick their faces" (that's a nod to Puff Daddy, obviously). 

It was on Trick Daddy's second album that the Dade County rapper saw his commercial breakthrough. And that breakthrough came via a bawdy single that introduced the world to another Sunshine State legend: Trina. That single was "Nann Nigga," a battle-of-the-sexes duet that was about as X-rated as a single got in the 1990s.

Why is this important?

Well, considering how many Hip-Hop songs feature rappers either boasting about "gettin' some head" or instructing a woman to "just don't bite it" or "put it in your mouth," there was a regrettably consistent dismissal of the act of reciprocation. Biggie rapped "You've got a body to make a nigga wanna eat that" before adding: "I'm fucking with you" on his beloved 1997 track "I Got A Story To Tell." Brand Nubian's "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" makes a man performing oral sex sound almost like an affront. "I keep my tongue in my mouth," Sadat X raps. 

So in that regard, Trick Daddy was a pie-eating pioneer. 

On "Nann Nigga," (censored as simply "Nann") Trick Daddy once again boasts about his love for going down on his lady.

"You don't know nann nigga, uh uh
Who do mo' freaky stuff
Eat the coochie with the legs up
Then I blow it all in yo butt..."

No one is naive enough to believe that tough-guy rappers weren't actually performing oral sex on their lady of choice; but the fact that Trick Daddy was so unapologetic about his love for it, it helped set the stage for a strange kind of paradigm shift on the topic. 

So when the “I’m A Thug” rapper got candid when asked if the “Eat a Booty Gang” was still a thing, Trick Daddy's response was decidedly on-brand. He paved the way for Hip-Hop dudes to admit they like kissing their way around ladyland--why shouldn't he also get credit for helping to remove the stigma of "getting your salad tossed" (to borrow a phrase from the great Chris Rock)?

Trick replied to N.O.R.E.'s question by saying he was trying to get more women to support giving men some booty love. This is a man who has mentioned blowing in "booty holes" more often than you might think. Clearly, this is a man who stands for something. We could all stand to be a lil more like Trick: find something worth fighting for. 

Trick Daddy has never been embarrassed or ashamed. And maybe, just maybe, now, because of Trick Daddy, you don't have to be ashamed either. The Eat A Booty Gang is clearly in full effect. 

What a time to be alive. 

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