Travis Scott performs at Astroworld

Travis Scott is Crowned King of the Youth

Travis Scott has skyrocketed into one of rap’s biggest stars in the past few years; from his brand partnerships with Jordan, Mcdonald’s, Fortnite, and many more, Travis Scott is an inescapable presence in media. 

Complex recently conducted a research study to determine the most influential figure in youth culture in 2021. The publication interviewed a series of people ages 18-34 years old across America to figure out who exactly is the King of the Youth. To nobody’s surprise, the Houston performer came out on top by a long shot. 



Interviewees ranked La Flame the King of the Youth based on his community outreach, authenticity, brand association, fashion influence, and versatility as the reasons the rapper is the leader of all things popular culture in recent history. 

“He has a mad range of influence across all kinds of subjects. He isn’t just limited to one or two.” said an anonymous subject. 


Last September, Travis Scott kicked off Mcdonald's series of celebrity inspired meals with the Travis Scott meal. The deal made Scott $5 million off of the meals alone and another $15 million from the Mcdonald’s inspired merch released on Scott's website in congruence with cheeseburger combo. 

Along with the Mcdonald’s partnership, Scott has penned deals with the likes of Mattel, Nike, Sony Playstation, and Fortnite. Scott also launched his own fragrance line, CACTI hades seltzers, and his own weed, Cactus Farms cannabis. 

From his monumental, ASTROWORLD tours to his merch and countless brand deals, Travis Scott is undeniably one of the most influential and daring forces in hip-hop. With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt, he is scheduled to drop his fourth album, Utopia, later this year. Travis Scott may be well on his way to cementing himself as hip-hop royalty with his unmatched influence and genre-bending sound, putting him in the same class of greats like Kanye West, Pharell Williams, and Lil Wayne. 

What do you think about Travis Scott’s influence. Is he on his way to becoming one of our culture’s GOATS? You decide. 


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