Too $hort Dropping NFT Collection Inspired By Classic Songs

Too $hort Dropping NFT Collection Inspired By Classic Songs

Oakland hip-hop pioneer, Too $hort has announced he will be selling his first ever NFT collection this weekend inspired by his favorite word and a couple of his classic singles. The NFT launch kicks off tonight (July 30) and will be live until Sunday (August 1).  

Too $hort has teamed up with cryptocurrency platform, Block Stone Creative, to release six exclusive NFT digital art pieces for his fans. Bringing his pimp persona to the NFT world, $hort will release a pack of NFTs inspired by his favorite word, the “bitch button" collection will feature four exclusive signatures from $hort himself. Purchase of the entire set will unlock an exclusive digital token to visit Too $hort’s Fun House Metaverse

Additionally, Too $hort collaborated with digital artist Tillavision who previously worked with Snoop Dogg, Death Row, and Run the Jewels on their own NFTs. $hort and Tillavision came together to create two NFT music videos to the rapper’s iconic singles “Cuss Words” and “Freaky Tales” both featuring brand new recordings of the rapper's classic songs. 

This is Block Stone Creative's second NFT drop. The crypto platform has some future work planned with Too $hort's Mount Westmore cohort, E-40 as well as west coast legend DJ Quik. Be on the lookout for more NFT drops with Block Stone Creative, Too $hort, and many more. 

"I'm in the process of re-recording as many Too $hort songs as I can. I'm allowed to recreate as many new songs as I can because I own the masters. I started with those songs because I wrote, produced, and performed everything on those songs." the rap pioneer told Rock the Bells. "I feel like the NFT platform is becoming extremely popular. I advise anyone who is a young artist to own all of their shit and keep that in tact." $hort said when asked about the importance of ownership in music. 

Be sure to check out $hort's NFT collection this weekend on Open Sea:

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