Tidal Responds To The 500k Or Dinner With Hov Debate

Tidal Responds To the "500k Or Dinner With Hov" Debate

Twitter has been up in arms this week, debating the viral question of “Would you have dinner with Jay-Z or take $500k?” The debate has been a hot topic circling the internet for a few years now, and it seems as if Jay-Z and team may have hinted at the correct answer.

As the debate reignited, artists and fans alike have been trying to get down to the bottom of which choice is the most valuable; dinner with hip-hop’s most prominent entrepreneur or a lumpsum investment of half a million dollars.

On Twitter, the official Tidal account gave their answer. The account retweeted several memes in reference to the hot topic. After a few laughs, Tidal responded with a, “Take the 500k.”

Even as Tidal speaks on behalf of Hov, there still seems to be a divide. One side believes they can benefit from Hov’s “million dollars worth of game,” while the others would take the investment to launch their new start-up idea.

What would you choose? Jay’s invaluable knowledge on the game or $500k?


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