The Alchemist Says Earl Sweatshirt's New Album Is Finished

The Alchemist Says Earl Sweatshirt's New Album Is Finished

Los Angeles producer The Alchemist has given an update on his close collaborator, Earl Sweatshirt’s new album. 

On Friday (Sept. 17), Alc sat down with Youtube music critic Anthony Fantano for an interview, catching us up on what’s coming up as well as looking back at his prolific career behind the boards. 

The producer offered an update on Earls album, calling it “incredible” while confirming he has production credits on the project. “I think everybody will be happy. He’s in his bag, as he should be,” he said. “Earl is always working; he’s a master of his craft, so something gets cut all the time. When he decides to press the button, we’ll see. But he’s got loaded guns… Know that he’s hard at work, and the magic is there.”

Earlier this year, Alc stated that there is a secret collaboration album between himself and Earl floating around on Youtube that is still yet to be found by the general public. “I haven’t heard anything about it, man. It’s still just floating in the matrix… I can’t even really say anything about it. I’ve been sworn to just leave it alone. It was just one day of madness.”

It has been three years since Earl’s last full-length album, Some Rap Songs. The emcee released his EP Feet of Clay the following year to mixed reviews. However, he has been keeping himself busy with his long list of features since his last album with guest verses on tracks with Boldy James, Armand Hammar, and Wiki.

Check out the full interview below. 


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