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12 Classic Hip-Hop Songs to [EXPLICIT] To

For the purposes of this examination, sexy rap songs come in two styles: the sensual and the raunchy. The most sensual can feel as seductive as a smooth quiet-storm classic; the raunchiest can make the most bashful bride buss it open. Here are five of each. First, some romance...

Classic Sensual Rap Songs

“Hey Lover”
LL COOL J, featuring Boyz II Men

This smoothed-out dirty mackin’ classic is one of LL’s most definitive tracks. The Ladies Love side of his persona is in full effect, with Nate Morris, Mike McCary, Shawn Stockman, and Wanya Morris providing the slick hook over a sample of Michael Jackson’s “Lady in My Life.”


Andre 3000’s half of Kast’s Grammy-winning double LP Speakerboxxx/The Love Below sees the ATLien scratching a serious Prince Jones, but it’s also a showcase for his brand of romantic oddness, best showcased on this guitar-driven ballad that makes love and sex sound cosmic. 

“Mind Sex”
dead prez

M-1 and Stic.man weren’t always just raging against the machine. What set the politically minded duo apart from an act like Public Enemy is that they weren’t averse to showing a more sensual side, as epitomized in this ode to gettin’ it in with someone with whom you actually share a mental and emotional connection.

“I Need A Girl (Part I)”
Diddy, featuring Usher and Loon

The sequel might be more club-friendly, but the slinky original is a romantic and seductive slice of early-2000s’ slickness. Usher croons the hook as Diddy pines over the kind of woman he wants in his life and Loon chimes in, outlining the perfect woman for him. Both this track and the sequel stand among the best Bad Boy tracks of the era.

“How Do I Love Thee”
Queen Latifah

She gets stereotyped as a sister-girl message rapper, but Dana Owens’ career is more varied than that. Exhibit A is this slinky track from 1992, a song that sounds like a lost Madonna B side, i.e., “Justify My Love.” Latifah coos in her most seductive voice, outlining how much she wants her lover accompanied by congas and smoothed-out instrumentation.

Youngbloodz, featuring Jim Crow, Big Boi

The hook. That groovy production from Atlanta veterans Parental Advisory. This ATL classic is a late-night creep anthem. Anybody who's ever hopped in the whip to ride down 85 for a rendezvous can relate; and the cameo from Fat Sax is one of his best ever. 


But sometimes you don't want it smoothed out. Sometimes you want it ignorant and ugly. So...here ya go.

Classic Raunchy Rap Songs

“Azz & Tittiez”
Three 6 Mafia

It’s a perfect booty-shake anthem from the dark legends of Tennessee rap, and nobody does stripper music better than Juicy J. It ain’t about sweet and seductive, but more sweaty and sleazy. Fun stuff.

“Love in Ya Mouth”
Kilo Ali, featuring Big Boi

The forefather of Atlanta rap was never shy about freaky songs, and this ode to oral sex is one of the most classic tracks in his repertoire. Big Boi’s guest spot serves as the perfect accent to the nasty perfection here.

“How Many Licks”
Lil Kim, featuring Sisqo

The Queen Bee is hip-hop's most legendary sex symbol for a reason. On this skittering single, she rattles off all of the lovers she's left in her wake (Tony the Italian, a brother named "King Kong" for very specific reasons, etc.) with the self-proclaimed "Dragon" delivering a soulfully sleazy hook. Nobody does it nastier. 

“Put It in Your Mouth”

Ah yes, a catchy little ditty from the freakiest rhymer Queens ever produced. Akinyele was never known for subtlety, and this semi-hit from 1996 was his crowning achievement as a single. The song is about — well, y’know — and the hook became a fixture in strip clubs and on dance floors throughout the late 1990s.

Missy Elliott

Misdemeanor rapped about sex a lot more than people seem to acknowledge. And while she had way bigger sex-themed singles, there’s no denying that one of her most memorable odes to bumpin’ uglies was this R&B-heavy ode to her lady parts. She knows she has the skills to get a dude sprung, and she gives her thang-thang a little motivational speech before puttin’ it on him.

"Doin' It"
LL COOL J, featuring LeShaun

It's a raunch rap classic; a sexual tour-de-force from a guy who made this sorta thing his raizon d'etre. The seductive imagery in the lyrics gets more and more explicit, as Uncle L goes bar-for-bar-for-bar with LeShaun over an exquisite sample of Grace Jones' "My Jamaican Guy."

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