Snoop Dogg Is Hilarious In Olympic Commentary Show

Snoop Dogg Is Hilarious In Olympic Commentary Show

Snoop Dogg has been giving us absolute gold for the past year as a sports commentator ever since his appearance at the Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight. 

The West Coast hip-hop legend had the chance to show off his commentary chops on Friday (July 30)  along with the hilarious Kevin Hart on their show “Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg.” The two review highlights from the week’s Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and the two are hysterical together, making up for the most viral clips of the week. 

Snoop Dogg came to NBC with his over-the-top persona, giving us some NSFW commentary on the Men’s Skeet Shooting event. "Well, that was the skeet shooting," Snoop says. "I got a couple gold medals in skeet shooting but not that kind of skeeting."


 In another clip from Friday’s episode, Snoop was loving the equestrian event, repping his set as the horse crip walked across the field. "The horse is crip walking, cuh. You see that?"  Snoop geeked over the horse’s high steps. "On the set. That's gangsta. This horse is cold. I gotta get his muthafucker in a video."


Snoop is an all-around entertainer from one of hip-hops most acclaimed artists to talk show host and now one of sport’s most entertaining commentators. Snoop’s unfiltered attitude and undeniable charisma make him a natural on the mic. Snoop is a known sports lover, founder of Snoop Youth Football League, and former high school football star; Snoop has always been present in the world of sports. 

We all hope to hear more of Snoop’s show-stealing commentary in the world of sports! His comedic takes and charisma can make him one of the best commentators in the industry. 

Thank you, Snoop, for making sports HIp-Hop!


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