Slick Rick Launches Clarks Campaign

Slick Rick Launches Clarks Campaign

Slick Rick has always been one of Hip-Hop's most fashion-forward icons and the rhyme legend is debuting a new partnership with Clarks Originals and the documentary short Mind-Body-Sole. 

"The vignette style visual, directed by Katherine Mateo of PURRRR and shot by Jordan Riggs and NoLedge Productions follows Slick Rick around landmark locations synonymous with his upbringing in the Bronx, New York - ultimately making his way to the garment district in Manhattan, an area that greatly influenced Slick Ricks love for fashion and design," reads a statement on the project. "Mind-Body-Sole is a story of heritage, community and purpose above all."

Slick Rick has always been affiliated with Clarks Originals classic the Wallabee. The shoe has become something of a trademark for the rapper, and he's credited with boosting the Wallabee's popularity since the 1980s. 

"Thank you to my day one folks who harvested @clarksoriginals attention and helped bring this collab together," Rick captioned on IG. "Special shout out to @thebronxnative and @thelitbar for your gracious support. #SlickRickIsArt #ClarksOriginals 🎥: @noledgeproductions"

Check out Mind-Body-Sole from Rick's Instagram post below:

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