Scarface Wants A Verzuz Battle With Ice Cube, On One Condition

Scarface Wants A Verzuz Battle With Ice Cube, On One Condition

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz has been a hit with hip-hop fans since the beginning of the pandemic. Since March, hip-hop fans have been blessed with some of the most memorable moments in contemporary hip-hop culture. 

The next big event will be between The LOX and The Diplomats on August 3rd, going live from Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Room. This past week it was proposed that Scarface of the Geto Boys and N.W.A’s Ice Cube do their own battle, going back and forth playing their classic singles. The two gangsta rap pioneers would be the perfect competition for each other as they are the respective leaders of two of rap’s most pivotal groups in the genre’s history. 

Scarface sat down with The Breakfast Club this past week and discussed the potential battle with Cube. He said he would do the battle on one condition, he plays his favorite Cube songs while his opponent plays his. “I’ll do battle with Cube on solo,” Scarface told The Breakfast Club. “I’ll play all my favorite Cube sh*t; he’ll play all his favorite ‘Face sh*t. I’ll beat him with that. I’ll kill him with the favorite Cube because I got favorite Cube sh*t that can’t nobody touch.”

This new format sounds like a dope pivot for Verzuz. Defeinetlry putting a new spin on the battle format, as the two rappers pay their respects to each other’s careers, both receiving their flowers. 

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