Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons to Release Hip-Hop NFT Collection

Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons plans to give back to the hip-hop pioneers that birthed the culture we love today. Simmons will launch his first NFT collection titled “Masterminds of Hip-Hop.” The collection will feature unreleased recordings and artwork from some of hip-hop’s most notable names like Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Nikki D, DJ Hollywood, Busy Bee, and Grandmaster Caz. 

“I often think of the early days of pre-recorded hip-hop when it was only a performance art. There were rappers and DJs who pioneered the space and made it so popular that the recording of rap artists was imminent,” Simmons said in a statement.

“None of them has received the accolades that I believe they deserve, and this is my chance to use a new vehicle to revisit and repay these amazing artists while they are still living,” the media mogul added.

The collection will be auctioned on the NFT platform Tokau. Bigger stars like Snoop Dogg and Chuck D will join Simmons with the release of the NFT collection to help assist these pioneers in getting the money they deserve for creating a cultural phenomenon that so many people eat off of. “It’s his way of helping some of the rap pioneers who have been less fortunate than the new rap generation, who have made millions off the culture. This NFT collection will help the community,” Tokau said in a statement.

Simmons will be throwing an event in support of the NFT drop this weekend in New York City. Be on the lookout for more news regarding hop-hop pioneers and the world of NFTs.

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