Redman's 'Muddy Waters Show'<br> Launches On Rock The Bells Radio

Redman's 'Muddy Waters Show'<br> Launches On Rock The Bells Radio

The Funk Doctor Spock is on Rock The Bells Radio.

Redman is launching his brand new "Muddy Waters Radio" in partnership with Rock The Bells. He's built one of Hip-Hop's most uniquely diverse careers, the legendary Jersey emcee with classics like Whut? Thee Album and Muddy Waters under his belt; the cross-cultural stoner icon who, alongside his brother-in-rhyme Method Man, gave us the cult favorite How High. He's been a sitcom star. He's been a pitchman. Now, the Brick City legend is joining the RTB family and he is making sure everyone understands -- you're getting the real from Reggie Noble, and this will not be a house of bullshit. 

"I can tell you muthafuckas what you're not gonna get," Red says adamantly. "You're not gonna get a gang of other artists' and people's...gossip. I will not be using my platform to exploit other peoples' problems for following and radio ratings. I'm fine with Hip-Hop. I'm doing radio for fun. And that is not to discredit anyone. But if anyone thinks they're gonna tune in and 'yo, Redman is gonna get the scoop.' Nah, the only scoop Imma get is outta somebody weed bag for a ounce. That's the only scoop you're gonna be getting."

Redman is in a great place as a person and as an artist and he wants the show to reflect that. 

"On my show, y'all are gonna be getting good convo and good music. My motto to my show is 'I woke up alive and healthy.'  I'm unapologetic, sucka-free and I woke up alive and healthy. As long as I woke up alive and healthy, everything else is secondary. Because if I don't wake up, then we have a problem! So you can expect conversations that might an help you that day — or just fun shit we might talk about." 

He's in great shape and eating healthy, but in a lot of ways, Redman is still that guy who showed off his broken doorbell on MTV Cribs.

He's always been Hip-Hop's everyman, and he wants to highlight how much can be gained from the people we interact with everyday. 

"I don't want to just have stars," he says of the show's approach to guests. "I want to have a muthafucka that maybe I met in the park who inspired me...that I would like to share. And maybe it could motivate someone else. I'm in the business of helping people. I've been in that business since I started this bitch." 

The 60 minute show will make its debut on October 31st on LL COOL J’S Rock The Bells Radio, Channel 43. Since he made his breakthrough with EPMD back in 1992, Reggie Noble has been putting 100% behind any and everything that bears his name. He's always worn his authenticity on his sleeve, and kept his on beat by pushing himself and his fans while doing the unexpected. "Muddy Waters Show" is a chance for Redman to connect to the people he's affected most, in a whole new way. 

"My music is the soundtrack to peoples' lives," he says, while reflecting on the new show. "I want to implement the same feeling in radio." 



“Muddy Waters Show” Hosted by Redman
Channel: LL COOL J’S Rock The Bells Radio, Channel 43

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