Redman and Method Man

Redman and Method Man Songs For Your 4/20 Playlist

Do you know what today is?

Of course you do. It's that holiday that smokeheads everywhere love to celebrate by puttin' one in the air. And with Hip-Hop icons Redman and Method Man teaming up for their very own Verzuz showcase to celebrate the occasion, it's only right that we take the time to highlight the dynamic duo's best stoner-friendly moments.

In honor of 4/20, here are some of the best Redman and Method Man songs for stoners. 



"Blow Treez"

"It's Gilla House nigga, you know we here to smoke/ DJ keep it cool, Reggie let me UH-HAH clear my throat/ When I'm in yo' town man', you better act a fool/ Turn your college dorm to Rodney Dangerfield- Back to School!"

Over production that evokes both the Dirty South and the swaying islands, Red and Meth team up with Ready Roc to float on a smoky groove that celebrates staying stoned.





"I keep a low pro, file, excuse me as I get smoked out/ Put hands on these niggas, then put the roach out/ Go head, I'm wishing you would, ask if it's good/ Man, does Tarzan shit in the woods, my shit is hood..."

The jittery production is still smoked-out enough to fit the subject matter, as Meth celebrates the highest of holidays.  


"Down South Funk"

"The lyrical force that I put in a rhyme Will hit you with more power than a molecule enzyme No matter who what when where how I'll lay you down With a sick illed out fictitious style Yo, we all represent the hood -- the only difference Between us is that we make the shit look good!"

Erick Sermon's production always had one foot in the thick bass grooves of southern Hip-Hop, and on this underrated album cut, D Double and Reggie Noble show love to the Dirty.  


"Cosmic Slop"

"As I flip, skip to the beat, on wax, and tax I react with tons of macs, a ball, and some jumping jacks Flyin' expert, puttin' in work No question, cosmic funk and weed session Like Gang Starr, step up, it's hard to earn..."

Redman's second album features some of his most consistently buddah-blessed backdrops, (many of which are courtesy of Redman himself) and this Def Squad posse cut certainly highlights as one of the highs.  


"What The Blood Clot"

"All I hear is gun shots Can I touch something? What the Blood Clot!?! Nigga want Tical, make it happen You know my fucking style, fuck the rapping..."

Method Man's first solo album is the perfect follow-up to Enter The Wu-Tang and it features RZA's production at its murkiest. None is more opaque than this swampy banger that sounds like everyone in the room was burning when they made it.  


"The Riddler"

"I got your mind twisted Unrealistic wavelength draining on your brain-strip inflicted Crosswords puzzling your delf Questioning your own mental health -- it's like a maze within itself..."

Yes it was the theme song for the villain from Batman Forever. But you can't deny how straight up woozy this better-than-it-should-be track from a middling superhero flick has always sounded.  


"Da Bump"

"So inhale, exhale, what you smell? Derail the frail blind MC off my trail If he use Braille, see, I never been touched Regulate the street tactics, then parlay in the cut..."

On Redman's third solo album, the Brick City legend and Erick Sermon perfected their brand of bass-heavy, stoned-out Hip-Hop. And this sleeper is one of the best examples of how sublime the results could be. On an album full of highlights, it's one of the best moments.  


"Smoke Buddah"

"'Cause I be feenin for that pookie I smoke the good shhh, save the backyard boogie for all groupies And I be, smokin up the hotel lobby Between mo' sheets than the Isleys, I'm high G..."

Muddy Waters is just a great stoner album, and this might be the highest of the highs (no, we're not going to stop using that). The title says it all, the mission is self-explanatory, this is just a great song to smoke to.  


"Mrs. International"

"Seems to me, me, you a queen to be You mean girl, but you don't mean to be Got your crown and your throne, little castle you can rest your dome And we can smoke a little greenery..."

This isn't a stoner song, right -- but man is it perfect for a coolass weekend, taking a trip and burning something nice with ya loved one. There is something about a breezy track that you can blaze on a beach, too. Maybe it's just us.  


"Do What U Feel"

"Don't make me bring it on back I fuck up the majority Of niggas lookin hard at me, I Port 'em like Authority And when my nigga Meth shine Out the inner How High mobile rollin three dimes at a time..."

We all know the hits Method Man and Redman have crafted together (see below), but one of the best moments the duo have ever had on record was this undeniable album cut from Red's 1996 masterpiece. The production has the cloudy essence of a smoky room at 3am, as both emcees bring out the best in each other. 


"Whateva Man"

"I smoked with a lot of college students Most of 'em wasn't graduating and they knew it You know the weed slang? Yeah boy I speak it fluent I light your college dorm with my entourage from Newark..."

The video is a classic unto itself, and Redman and Erick Sermon delivered one of the greatest tracks of the 90s with this banger. Method Man doesn't actually appear on the song, but his spirit is part of it and the video's enduring appeal.  


"How High"

"'Til my man Raider Ruckus come home It ain't really on til' the Ruckus get, home Puff a meth bone, now I'm off to the red zone We don't need your dirt weed, we got our fuckin' own..."

The moment that started it all. It's rare that a singular collaboration reveals such potent chemistry, and lest we forget -- this is still one of the greatest stoner rap tracks of all time.  


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