Rakim, Chuck D and KRS-One To Perform at Hip Hop 4 Peace

Rakim, Chuck D and KRS-One To Perform at Hip Hop 4 Peace

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the International Day of Peace, the Bronx's Universal Hip Hop Museum has announced a livestream called Hip Hop 4 Peace. The event streams on Monday, September 21, at 7 PM ET on YouTube, and among the notables performing are Hip-Hop legends Rakim, KRS-One and Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. 

"Hip Hop was created as an artful mechanism through which those who were disenfranchised, marginalized, and underrepresented could speak truth to power and effectuate meaningful change in communities of color," writes the museum. "Peace and knowledge are guiding principles of Hip-Hop as demonstrated by the 'Stop the Violence' movement, the Hip-Hop Proclamation of Peace, and the sociopolitical activism of many Hip-Hop artists. Composed from the notes of racial injustice and melodies of audible pain, Hip-Hop has used music to bring about greater understanding and radical change."

Also slated to appear are Roxanne Shante, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Ayo & Teo, O.T. Genasis, MC Sha-Rock, Nasty C, M.anifest, The Lucas Brothers, Royce 5’9”, Chubb Rock, Arianna Puello, Momentum Crew, DJ Ready D, Mastafive, and more. 

"As we reflect on the disproportional effect of COVID 19 on individuals of color and systemic bias in policing which has led to the unnecessary deaths of countless black Americans, the Universal Hip-Hop Museum will lead a call-to-consciousness on September 21, 2020, International Peace Day, by producing a one-hour Hip Hop 4 Peace live stream. Hip Hop 4 Peace will include a renewed Hip Hop Proclamation of Peace, performances by Hip Hop artists from around the world, and messages of peace from the Hip-Hop community."

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