Plug the Producer: Organized Noize

Plug The Producer: Organized Noize

Organized Noize have one of the richest, most distinct sounds in contemporary music. The trio of Sleepy Brown, Rico Wade and Ray Murray formed the musical foundation for Atlanta's famed Dungeon Family, but even beyond their classic work with legendary DF crew members like Goodie MOB and OutKast, Organized Noize has been behind some of the greatest Hip-Hop and R&B of our times. Their soulful sonics have given us timeless tracks from acts like TLC, En Vogue and more. 

It's near-impossible to limit Organized Noize to five tracks, but we tried anyway. Here are five Hip-Hop classics that you know and love from Organized Noize.



"Cell Therapy" - Goodie MOB

The ominous first single from the Atlanta quartet made it clear that, even after OutKast's stellar debut a year prior, Organized Noize was already pushing their sound into new territory.


"Blackberry Molasses" - Mista

Before he was a solo R&B star, Bobby Valentino was part of this '90s boy band that featured production from Organized Noize. Mista wasn't around very long, but they gave us one bonafide classic single in this introspective ode to growing up.


"Watch For the Hook" - Cool Breeze

One of the most underrated posse cuts of all time, Organized Noize got all the first generation Dungeon Family emcees on one track. And it's a heater.


"So Fresh, So Clean" - OutKast

One of the standout singles from OutKast's 2000 smash album Stankonia, this ode to steppin' out in style is still one of the duo's most beloved songs. And the hook by Sleepy Brown is an all-timer.


"Set It Off" - Organized Noize feat. Andrea Martin, Queen Latifah

A track that the famed production crew released under their own name, this unofficial theme song for F. Gary Gray's 1996 heist film is one of their more underrated songs. With vocals from Martin and a standout verse from Latifah, it's one of Organized Noize lesser heralded gems.

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