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"New Jack City": 7 Quotes for Channeling Your Inner Nino

We're celebrating New Jack City turning 30 this week and you cannot talk about the hit movie and not focus on Wesley Snipes' star turn as Nino Brown; the charismatically cruel kingpin at the center of the story. Nino Brown is a representation of the American nightmare but, man -- is he quotable. 

We picked seven of his most memorable lines.



"Yo baby, we talkin' about combinating and consolidating!"

"You gotta rob to get rich in he Reagan era..."


"See ya and I wouldn't' wanna be ya..."


"Sit yo five dolla ass down before I make change..."


"If I'm going down, I'm taking a whole lot of people with me."


"Cancel this bitch. I'll buy another one."


"I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, Miss Hawkins..."

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