Missy Elliott's 10 Greatest Videos

Missy Elliott's 10 Greatest Videos

It's MIssy Elliott's 50th birthday today (July 1) and a huge part of the iconic rapper/singer/producer's legacy lies with her always-distinct and groundbreaking videos. Aside from the King Of Pop, no one has done more to innovate the artform than Missy. We decided to pick 10 of her best. 




The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

It's the video that started it all. So iconic, so visionary. The perfect pairing of Missy Elliott's quirky sensibility and Hype Williams' visual flair; it set the standard for Missy visuals (and everybody else's) for years to come. 



Hot Boyz

It just looks so fucking epic. Missy and her superstar friends show up for a futuristic rally complete with sickass bikes and slick rhymes. It shows how expensive vids got in the late 1990s. 



Cool Off

In case you needed a reminder, Missy Elliott had to show the world she was still ten steps ahead of the game even in the 2010s. This is one of her most eye-popping visuals--and if you know Missy's work, you know that's saying something. 



Work It

Another of her most iconic videos, she toys with depth perception, special effects, disembodied heads -- there's all kindsa stuff here. On top of some of the best choreography of the era. 



She's a Bitch

This is what the future feels like. One of the most boundary-pushing videos of all time, it showed that Missy can even surpass herself. The sci-fi theme had been done before, even by her, but this is where she goes next level. It still looks 30 years ahead of its time. 



All N My Grill

On this ode to a dude getting the hell outta yo face, Missy again utilized some uber-slick visuals. She was pushing her own creativity while setting new standards almost every time out. 



Beep Me 911

One of her sexiest songs has one of her most unique videos. The setting is all "living doll" weirdness, with a toyetic theme coinciding with the sensual subject matter. It all just works. 



Sock It 2 Me

The Mega-Man theme. The Lil Kim cameo. Da Brat's verse! It was her second video and another moment that showed there was nobody doing it quite like her. Who doesn't love a good 90s Nintendo reference? 



One Minute Man

The whole vid takes place in a hotel that looks so fanciful and opulent you'd think it was straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Luda and Trina show up to add some spunk to one of her most freewheeling visuals. 



Get Ur Freak On

It's the best. It's the one that has always proven just how cool Missy can be with her visuals. There is still nothing like this vid. LL COOL J, Eve, Luda, Nate Dogg-- who doesn't appear in this video? 

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