Master P To Send Water To Victims of Hurricane Ida

Master P To Send Water To Victims of Hurricane Ida

New Orleans legend Percy “Master P” Miller is giving back to his community after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Over one million people have been left without electricity, roofs have been blown off of homes, many searching for homes, and one person is reported dead. FEMA has stepped in to provide over three million meals as well as providing 3,600 emergency response personnel. 

The No Limit founder decided to step in himself to contribute to the cause. As a Louisiana native, Miller knows firsthand the severity of Hurricane Ida. He is using his platform to help people in need through his water company, LA Great Water, contributing to the cause. Master P expresses that he knows his people can be resilient with the power of community, explaining that he does not want to see another Hurricane Katrina. 


"It's going to take a lot of prayers. Also, I [have] a water company called LA Great Water. You can go to if you need some help [or] some assistance. We're going to make sure people get water. [We're going to] make sure we [are] able to feed our people and help them get back. Hurricane Katrina was a tough one, [but] this one [is] even tougher. All [of] the lights [have] been out for a while. [There has been] no phone [service]. We[ [are] definitely trying to figure it out and it's [going to] take all of us coming together," he answered.


Master P is a known community leader earlier this year, committing $10 million to support racial equity. 

"[There's] a lot of love in that city. Even though we go through a lot of devastation and tragedy, [there's] a lot of love,” Miller says about his city of New Orleans. 

We at Rock the Bells keep all victims of Hurricane Ida in our thoughts and prayers. 

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