Ludacris appears in JIF Commercial

Ludacris Appears in Hilarious Commercial For JIF

Ludacris recently penned an endorsement deal with popular peanut butter company JIF, creating a new single along with a hilarious commercial featuring fellow Atlanta rapper Gunna. 

On Monday (August 16), JIF dropped a 2-minute commercial featuring the Luda, attempting to find his rhythm while recording a verse. After multiple attempts, Luda gets frustrated and eats a full spoon of the JIF peanut butter to get consumed by the powers of mumble rap. 

Atlanta hitmaker Gunna makes an appearance in the commercial, sitting in on Luda’s studio session exclaiming, “That flow crazy,” when witnessing the fluidity of the emcee’s new flow later accompanying the rapper to perform his latest hit. 

Luda also released a new single accompanying the commercial name, “Butter.ATL,” where the rapper spits with Classic Ludacrs energy on each verse while performing a peanut butter smooth autotuned refrain on the hook. 

The track is a play on the modern mumble rap culture while having some fun with one of the genre’s biggest acts. Check out Luda’s new single and the hysterical commercial for JIF peanut butter. 


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