LL COOL J Reacts To His "Mama Said Knock You Out" Videos

LL COOL J Reacts To His "Mama Said Knock You Out" Videos

Mama Said Knock You Out is one of LL COOL J's most celebrated albums and a Hip-Hop classic. Inspired at the time to answer his critics, LL's lyrical and creative focus, along with Marley Marl's production touch on the project, were obviously crucial to its success. But that success should also be attributed to Mama Said Knock You Out's videos. So many of the albums visuals were helmed by legendary director Paris Barclay, and the vids are among Hip-Hop's most enduring. 

LL himself got to sit down and revisit his Mama Said Knock You Out videos; reliving some of his career's most beloved moments while also reacting to the looks, sounds and styles he was on back in 1990.  

"This one was all about being silly," LL explains, breaking down the zany visuals of "6 minutes Of Pleasure."

The "6 Minutes Of Pleasure" video is one of LL COOL J's most unique and unusual, with the Hip-Hop superstar in full playpen mode. "We just wanted a ridiculous wonderland! I just wanted to be a fool! This was my playful side."

Marley Marl guest stars in the surreal clip. 

"If you look at that coat carefully, it's like all teddy bears," a chuckling LL added, explaining a distinctively furry ensemble in the vid. "All over that joint."

Every visual has a distinct feel and flavor. "Around The Way Girl" takes a straightforward "on the street" approach to capture the essence of "girlies from around the way;" and the black-and-white "Mama Said Knock You Out" video is evocative in its Raging Bull-inspired boxing ring. 

The video for "Boomin' System" has a Mad Max-like theme: half sci-fi epic, half on-the-run getaway flick -- with adult film actress Petra co-starring. 

"This was crazy. I remember how this all looked -- the vibe," LL says with a laugh. "This was like my Shaka Zulu vibe."


Like so much dope art, the stories and the details are as entertaining as the visuals themselves. Mama Said Knock You Out is a project that helped set off the 1990s and the videos are iconic and timeless --and they also evoke the era. But no one can tell you about them like the man himself.










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