Watch Will Smith's Pep Talk To<br> Kid Cudi In

Watch Will Smith's Pep Talk To
Kid Cudi In "She Knows This" Video

Kid Cudi has released his new project Man On The Moon III: The Chosen today (Dec. 11) and Cudi also dropped a new video for his track "She Knows This." And the video features an interesting cameo from a superstar. Will Smith pops up in "She Knows This" to offer the Midwestern rapper words of encouragement. 

The video opens with Kid Cudi staring out at Los Angeles from his home in the hills, before cutting to scenes of an intoxicated Kid Cudi -- referencing the rapper's real-life struggles with addiction -- and he is visibly depressed. As he sits morosely watching the Smith-starring 2006 film The Pursuit Of Happyness on his big screen, none other than the voice of Will Smith himself is heard urging Cudi to get off his ass and push towards greatness. 

"Too many moons have passed," the sage-like Smith states.  


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