Kendrick Lamar Gets Roasted For Ad-Libs On Twitter

Kendrick Lamar Gets Roasted For Ad-Libs On Twitter

Kendrick Lamar is unanimously agreed to be one of the greatest emcees of this generation. As highly regarded as he is, Kendrick Lamar is not exempt from criticism or Twitter memes. 

Kendrick has always been on the eccentric side. Often performing with animated vocal projections, experimental rhyme patterns, and comical ad-libs, Kendrick is not scared to think outside the box.

Before Kendrick Lamar’s younger cousin and protege, Baby Keem, dropped his debut album The Melodic Blue Thursday night (September 9), a single named “Range Brothers” made its rounds on social media. Kendrick Lamar features on the track giving some hilariously odd ad-libs on the tail end of the track. 

“Top o’ the morning/Top o’ the morning/Top o’ the morning,” he repeats over the pounding trap production. He then switches it up by chanting, “Let’s get this shit/Let’s get this shit/Let’s get this shit,” Lamar raps. 

Twitter responded with fans and fellow artists both praising and roasting the rapper’s unusual  ad-libs. 

Kendrick also spits a verse on the song, reminding rappers and fans of his return, much like his verse on Keem’s last single, “Family Ties.”

“Everybody wanna be great, but the word don’t relate/, And the life be mistakin’ the truth, n-gga/I remember bankin’ with Chase like four-hundred K, starin’ at it I don’t know what to do, n-gga/Now I look at money like a resource, every contract gotta put my kid’s family in school/Health and wealth, goin’ deep for it, do right for my next life,” he raps.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar is working on his upcoming album, which will be his last project with TDE. The release seems to be coming closer as he just registered over 30 new songs on ASCAP earlier this month. 

How did you feel about The Melofic Blue? And are you excited to hear some new Kendrick?









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