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When Ja Ruled The Radio: Murder Inc Songs That Defined the 00s

Fans are prepped and ready for the latest Verzuz between hitmakers Ja Rule and Fat Joe. They represented an era of Hip-Hop that was selling big and all over the charts. These two camps gave us a lot of hits, folks. 

So you already know.

The battle between Ja Rule and Fat Joe is going to be epic. Here are some of Ja's radio hits to take you back to a time when he was a dominator on radio.



"Happy" Ashanti feat. Ja Rule

Ashanti and Ja Rule's chemistry was always on point (and always on time?), and they helped define an era with hits like this.


"Thug Lovin'" feat. Bobby Brown

The King Of the Stage linked up with Murder, Inc. for one of the most uniquely infectious songs in the label's array of hits. Bobby hopping out of the helicopter was a meme before memes.



"Livin' It Up" feat. Case

That brilliant Stevie Wonder sample and a winning guest appearance from Case make this one of Ja's best singles from the era.



"Mesmerize" feat. Ashanti

Ja and Ashanti's chemistry was basically effortless by this point. And who didn't love the Grease-inspired music video?


"Holla, Holla"

A summer banger if ever there was one, Ja's first significant hit was an announcement that you were going to be hearing this guy a lot. 


"Put It On Me" feat. Lil Mo, Vita

Another example of knowing your strengths and sticking to them, Ja proved he had strong musical chemistry with Lil Mo and Vita, who made the case for one of her generation's underused talents.  


"New York"

Now this right here? This is an anthem. Still a song that rings out across the five boroughs, Ja, Joe and Jada made sure to let anyone know the mecca still stands.  


"Always On Time"

It's the quintessential Ja and Ashanti song. It might be the quintessential Murder, Inc. single. If you remember, then you know, this was the sound of an era.


* HEADER CREDIT: Photo of Ja RULE (Photo by Andrew Lepley/Redferns)

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