Is Eminem Preparing To Drop MMLP3?

Is Eminem Preparing To Drop 'MMLP3''?

Fans are speculating the release of a brand new Eminem project, slated for release before the end of next week. Slim Shady stans are convinced the emcee is preparing to drop the third entry in the Marshal Mathers LP series. 

Fans started to speculate when Em’s frequent collaborator Fredwreck posted a photo of Eminem’s iconic childhood home popularized in the MMLP series on his Instagram story. Fans immediately began to speculate the release of a Marshal Mathers LP 3 after the post before some other Em affiliates posted a few more cryptic messages. 

Fredwreck followed the post with a photo of a building with the address “1001”, possibly hinting at an October 1 release date. 



 Close collaborator Skylar Grey also took to her Instagram account hinting towards the release date of MMLP3.  "This month has been hellish... but I see the light at the end... can’t wait for October 1st... mark your calendar."



It was confirmed by Mozzy's manager, Dave Dasho, that the Sacramento emcee was recently in the studio with Chicago rapper Polo G, and Em. With Shady missing on Mozzy's latest album Untreated Trauma, there's a possibility that Mozzy and Polo G may be featured on the emcee’s album.

In Em’s most recent Instagram post, he shared a photo of Shady Records signees Westside Boogie and GRIP. Can they possibly feature on the album?

What do you think about the release of Marshal Mathers LP 3? Stay tuned for more on the album and Slim Shady.




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