Ice-T Reminds Fans That He Is A Gangsta Rap Pioneer

Ice-T Reminds Fans That He Is A Gangsta Rap Pioneer

Los Angeles emcee Ice-T shared a classic throwback interview with fellow west coast legend Dr. Dre to his Twitter account. Ice-T is a pioneer of gangsta rap. Originating from inner-city gang culture, Ice-T took the gritty street style to the mainstream with songs like “6 in the Mornin.’” and “Colors.” 

The emcee shared a clip of Dr. Dre crediting Ice-T as a pioneer of gangsta rap, stating he was an influence on early N.W.A. records. “People say I don’t get enough credit,” Ice-T wrote in the post’s caption. “But when @DrDre lays it down.. That’s ENOUGH for me.” 

In the video, Dr. Dre gives a brief history of gangsta rap’s origins. “Hip-hop on the West Coast started in 1982-83, something like that,” explains Dre. “I guess so-called gangsta rap started at the same time. Those were the records that really made it out here. Ice-T had a big influence on a lot of people out here because he actually started it to me.”




“Ice-T and Schoolly D, actually,” he continues. “Schooly D had the record “P.S.K" at the time, and Ice-T had “”6 In The Morning,” and these were the only records we were playing. They were saying things we could relate to.” 

Gangsta rap music has evolved into a world of its own. Spawning many different sub-genres and styles originating from different regions. 

Shout out to Ice-T and thank you for your contributions to our culture.

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