Ice Cube and Warner Bros Feud Stalls 'Last Friday'

Ice Cube and Warner Bros Feud Stalls 'Last Friday'

Fans of the Friday franchise may have to let go of their hopes for a fourth movie. Series creator Ice Cube is in the middle of a feud with the studio that owns the properties, Warner Bros. The Wall Street Journal reported that negotiations between the rapper/director/producer and the studio have reached a breaking point, and Cube is not happy.

According to WSJ:

"Ice Cube wants Warner Bros., owned by AT&T Inc., to surrender its rights to the Friday property and to two other movies he made there—All About the Benjamins and The Players Club, according to correspondence his lawyers have sent to the studio and that The Wall Street Journal has reviewed."

In 2012, Cube (real name Oshea Jackson) and Warner Bros. entered into contracts to make Last Friday, for which Jackson reportedly expected to be paid $11 million. However, the significant delays throughout the process have caused this rift between the involved parties. 

Reportedly, Ice Cube has turned in at least two different scripts for a possible Last Friday and both were rejected by the studio, in a move that is being presented as Warner Bros intentionally looking to stall things. And Cube's reps have made accusations of discriminatory treatment for Cube's films:

"The possibility of discrimination has also emerged as a flashpoint in the conversations. In one letter, Ice Cube’s representative wrote that movies he has done for the studio ‘are habitually underfunded in comparison with projects featuring white casts and creative teams.’ The correspondence points to other Ice Cube films he says weren’t well supported.” 

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