Geto Boys Announce Their Return With New Podcast, 'Geto Boys Reloaded'

Geto Boys Announce Their Return With New Podcast, 'Geto Boys Reloaded'

The legendary Houston rap group, Geto Boys, prepare for their return with the announcement of their new podcast. On Monday (June 28), the group took to their Instagram accounts to announce their new podcast in partnership with iHeartRadio, featuring the two remaining artists, Willie D and Scarface, dressed in black suits under the title "Geto Boys Reloaded".

The announcement comes 16 years after their last album, The Foundation, and two years after late member Bushwick Bill, passed away from stage 4 pancreatic cancer in June 2019. The post caught friends and collaborators’ attention, with reactions from notable names including DJ Premier, Alchemist, Kid Capri, Mia X, Goodie Mob, Gang Starr, Parliament-Funkadelic, and more.

The group, most known for their platinum-selling 1991 album, We Can’t Be Stopped. The group paved the way for hip-hop acts coming out of the south, in an era where hip-hop was still heavily dominated by its origin place, New York City. The Geto Boys have been credited with originating the sub-genre horror-core due to their graphic stories of violence and ability to paint vivid pictures through their horror-themed lyrics.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2015, Scarface was positive that he and the Geto Boys would not be releasing another album. “That’s over. That’s a page in history that is closed for me. I’m done. That’s never going to happen again,” Scarface said when asked about the future of the group. Six years later, fans are excited to hear the duos return.


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