Doctor Dre Launches GoFundMe After Having His Leg Amputated

Doctor Dre Launches GoFundMe After Having His Leg Amputated

Former Yo! MTV Raps host André "Doctor Dre" Brown has launched a GoFundMe  after his leg was amputated due to health complications from Type II diabetes. The beloved media personality suffered a fall in his home and had to undergo emergency surgery in late July. According to a press release, Dre has been fitted with a prosthetic and is learning to walk with it. 

Doctor Dre and his former partner Ed Lover were the longtime hosts of MTV staple Yo! MTV Raps from 1988 to 1995. Yo! played a tremendous role in bringing Hip-Hop into the American mainstream, providing a platform on the network for the burgeoning genre and culture, while also inspiring a wave of Hip-Hop-themed video shows such as BETs Rap City and the FOX show Pump It Up! The popularity of Ed Lover and Doctor Dre led to the pair's own novelty hit single ("Down Wit' MTV"), an album called Back Up Off Me, and starring roles in the comedy caper Who's The Man? in 1993.

Prior to his tenure on MTV, Dre was part of the short-lived rap group Original Concept; and was host on Adelphi University's WBAU. 

In 2016, it was revealed that Dre had lost most of his vision due to his battle with diabetes. "I have a foundation called the Doctor Dré V.I.C (Visually Impaired Can) Foundation," he told ABC 7 in 2019. "Basically, I've been going through a whole resurgence of my life. I stopped at one point and now I'm doing this. Through the blessings of the late-great Dick Gregory and some people he'd known, I've worked with some holistic doctors out there to change what goes in my body and actually work with trying to do the best to treat diabetes."

After his emergency surgery this July, a GoFundMe has been created to help the popular host cover his extensive medical expenses.  





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