DJ Premier tells story of "The Enemy"

DJ Premier Tells of Big L's 'The Enemy'

DJ Premier tells the story of the making of D.I.T.C’s 1998 record, “The Enemy.” 

Preemo has been dropping gems week after week with his new Youtube show, “So Wassup?”. Last week telling the story of Biggie’s classic single, “Unbelievable,” where the rapper freestyle his entire verse in the booth. 

This week the New York producer tells the story of the creation of Big L and D.I.T.C’s 1998 record, “The Enemy.”  Preemo reminisces about the energy and charisma of the late Big L during the recording of the single.

DJ Premier sampled D.I.T.C rapper O.C’s “Times Up” for the record, scratching his bars “Fuck who laughing rappers sit cack I’m about to begin.” After Big L’s passing in 1999, Lord Finesse was given the masters of L’s Catalog from the emcee’s mom. The record would later be added to L’s posthumous album, The Big Picture. 

Keep checking into the legendary producer, DJ Premier's show, "So Wassup?" for more behind the music stories from the man himself.  


Big L, Rest in Peace!



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