DJ Premier

DJ Premier To Host New Youtube Show 'So Wassup?'

DJ Premier releases the first episode of his new Youtube series, “So Wassup?”, where the legendary  DJ and producer gives backstories to the creations of some of his most iconic tracks before the world of digital recording took over the industry.

“DJ Premier presents the brand new series: 'So Wassup?' a salute to the floppy disk.” explained in the summary of the show’s pilot episode. “Throughout this series, DJ Premier explores his most classic productions and how the technology of the time influenced the sound.”

 In the series first episode, Preemo calls back the story of one of his earliest tracks, "Come Clean,” with Jeru The Damaja. “When we started to work on the sample, I ran into a record by a drummer named Shelly Man-- at the end of the record, there’s a little interlude called ‘Space’ where I heard the water drop sound, and I knew with hard drums I can make a banger out of it,” Premier explains in the episode. 

DJ Premier is a natural in front of the camera in this Behind the Music style show. Make sure you go support the legend and subscribe to his channel! 


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