DJ Premier Gives Backstory of "MCs Act Like They Don't Know"

DJ Premier Shares the "MCs Act Like They Don't Know" Backstory

DJ Premier’s YouTube series, “So Wassup?” is back with another episode this week. This time, the iconic producer gives fans the backstory of how KRS-One’s classic single, “MCs Act Like They Don’t Know.”

As Preemo explained in previous episodes, he treats the single as if it is a different project from the album itself. DJ Premier wanted to make a song that stayed true to KRS-One’s brand while still keeping it appropriate for radio and DJs. 

The track was a collaboration effort. KRS and Preemo bounced ideas back and forth while making the track. “KRS is full of ideas, he’s like; ‘You know what else we need to do? We need to set it off like Kurtis Blow did on ‘The Breaks,’” Preemo explained his conversation with KRS. 

In true Premier fashion, the producer sampled another KRS-One song to get the song’s title. The sample comes from KRS-One’s “Hip Hop VS Rap”. On the track, KRS raps, “MCs act like they don’t know,” which Preemo scratched into the track, giving the song its title and hook. 

Make sure to tune into DJ Premier’s “So Wassup?” premiering every Tuesday at 9am. The show is a treat for all classic hip-hop fans and Preemo fanatics. 


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