DJ Premier Wants DMX Collab:<br> "Let's Get It"

DJ Premier has worked with a laundry list of rap legends over the course of his 30-year career. Now, the superproducer is clamoring for a collaboration with one of the rap game's most famous voices. In an interview with Tom Segura on the Tom Talks podcast, Preemo made it plain: he's looking to record with DMX and he's pressing mutual friend Swizz Beatz to make it happen. 

“I’ve always wanted to work with DMX,” he revealed. “I’ve been pushing to get that to happen now. I’m always leaning on Swizz [Beatz], I’m always leaning on whoever he deals with in his camp that’s in charge of being his point person. And I’ll lean on Swizz again, ‘Yo Swizz, Swizzy!'”

“Listen, the world needs this," said Segura. "DMX, please listen to us. Call Preemo back and send some fucking lyrics.”

It was a sentiment that DJ Premier co-signed completely. 

“Oh my god, man,” Preemo agreed. “Come on X. Dark Man X man, let’s get it.”

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