Bun B Announces "2 Trill Show" on Rock The Bells

Bun B Announces "2 Trill Show" on Rock The Bells

Bun B is one of the most respected voices in Hip-Hop. 

The Texas rap legend has a reach that's always transcended supposed regional, generational and stylistic constraints; he has his ear to the street and has the ear of political and cultural influencers. He's active in academia, politics and activism; and now, he's bringing his uniquely personable approach to Rock The Bells. Bun is launching The 2 Trill Show on Rock The Bells Radio, to showcase the legacy of southern Hip-Hop. 

"I'm excited because this allows me the opportunity to create a hub for everyone that appreciates all of this classic southern Hip-Hop music that we have to offer," Bun explains. "I also understand that, if you're not necessarily from the South, there are a lot of very small, regional groups who maybe didn't get. a big push to make a name for themselves on a national scale, but in their areas, were very big deals, musically. In certain situations, they [may have] outsold bigger artists, locally. And they are very respected in their regions and had a  great track record and toured around the South, but maybe never cracked on the East Coast or the West Coast or whatever."

The new weekly show will serve as a platform for fans of classic Hip-Hop to hear some of the best southern Hip-Hop, guest interviews, and everything that encompasses living that southern lifestyle. And for Bun, it's an opportunity to provide space for the legends of southern rap to thrive. 

"If you are a southern artist from that era, you may want to reintroduce yourself," he says. "If that's true, there really aren't a lot of opportunities to reintroduce yourself. There aren't going to be a lot of media opportunities for you."

"Lets say you haven't made an album in six years and wind up on a No Jumper or an Everyday Struggle," he continues. "You're trying to sell yourself to an entirely new group of people."




 "I want to create a hub for everybody that appreciates music of that genre and era to come to; and by proxy, allow the artists to come and be appreciated. If you are an older artist, not only do we have the platform, [but] you can speak to people who already jam your music. Instead of trying to break in amongst artists who aren't your contemporaries." 

As one-half of the legendary UGK, Bun B was part of the wave of southern Hip-Hop artists who broke through the bicoastal grip New York and Los Angeles had on the industry in the early 1990s. 30 years later, Bun's worked with everyone from Jay-Z to DJ Premier to Beyoncé, but he understands that so many artists who peaked before the South took over rap's mainstream could use an added platform to spotlight what they're doing and what they've done. 

"I want to make sure that everybody has this hub that they can come to when they're making new music," Bun says. "We can celebrate these people and give them their flowers while they're here. and just have a nice, warm, welcome place, reflective of southern hospitality." 

"I want to open my doors up to the O.G.s from the South, let them come in and we honor them, give them a platform. This is not really about me. I want to celebrate us. And I feel Rock The Bells is the perfect place to make that happen." 



Bun B's 2 Trill Show premieres 4/14; airs Wednesdays at 12pmET

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