AZ on 9th Wonder Collab: "Now the Expectation Is Building..."

AZ on 9th Wonder Collab: "Now the Expectation Is Building..."

There’s a distinct title in Hip-Hop given to those deemed underrated: “Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.” The Brooklyn born AZ holds that title more than most. One look at the list of MCs he’s collaborated with, shows the respect the Doe Or Die spitter garners among his peers. 

On Friday (September 10), after years of anticipation and multiple projects in between time, AZ dropped Doe Or Die 2, and the rumor mill began swirling that this would be the swan song, and perhaps it was. Then, the night before its release, something happened and, if the “Gimme Yours” was planning on hanging it up, this may have been the Godfather 3 “just when I thought I was out they pull me back in,” moment.

Jamla Records CEO and revered producer from the Little Brother family tree, 9th Wonder sent out a Tweet that may have just given Hip-Hop fans something to stay hype for as they continue to bask in the glory of DOD2’s excellence. 

"Listen. People ask me who I would want to work with. And I’ve tried this several times… I really. Really. REALLY want to do 7 songs with… AZ. @quietAZmoney … Can someone please make this happen. Just. Seven. Songs,” 9th Wonder tweeted. 

The Tweet caused AZ’s phone to start going crazy, but according to Mr. Quiet Money himself, it also worked.  

“I got a lot of calls yesterday, last night, and believe it or not I finally spoke to 9th,” AZ told Rock The Bells in an exclusive conversation.

“We’re gonna sit down and chop it up."

With Doe or Die 2’s release still fresh, AZ wanted to take a little time to smell the roses, but after that, all indications point to a project his fans will undoubtedly be excited for, coming in the near future. 

“I told [9th Wonder] that my album was coming out today. I said let me just bask in the ambience for that, and then we’re gonna speak top of the week and we’re gonna figure it all out,” AZ noted, also giving 9th props for his non-accidental timing. “It definitely could happen. Listen, I got my boots back on, as they would say. I’m ready. He did it at the right time, too. It was strategic and it was smart because everybody really gravitated towards [the tweet] and now the expectation is building itself.”


Let us know what you think of a possible AZ/9th Wonder project. 

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