50 Cent Admits To Lying In Some Iconic Tracks

50 Cent Admits To Lying In Some Of His Iconic Tracks

Queens entrepreneur and emcee Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson took a lie detector test and admitted to fabricating a few of our favorite songs. 

50 was a guest on Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector series, where the emcee was hooked up to a polygraph to get the scoop on his life and career. The questions asked ranged from his new life in Texas, exes, and some of his most famous bars. 

When asked about his music, the interviewer accused the emcee of not always being honest in his songs, suggesting the rapper lied in the track “High All the Time” when 50 actually doesn’t smoke. “Do you always lie in your songs?” she asked, to which he responded, “Well, I was high all the time, but everybody else was smoking around me.”

After admitting to not smoking as well as not actually having “bottles full of bub’, admitting that he actually “filled champagne bottles with ginger ale.” When asked if he has lied in any other songs, the rapper suggests that it’s all a part of the creative process and not all of his stories are true.“Yeah, it’s points that you say things, be creative and create,” he explains. 

Check out the full Vanity Fair interview below. 



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