30 for 30 Presents Podcast on Life of Nispey Hussle

"30 for 30" Presents Podcast on the Life of Nipsey Hussle

On Monday (August 23), "30 for 30 Podcasts" and The Undefeated released The King of Crenshaw, a four-part podcast series about how the late Los Angles rapper Nipsey Hussle’s life, death, and legacy impacted the sports world. The series explores the rapper’s ethos of black ownership, ambition, and community activism. The rapper’s legacy lives through athletes as they vow to continue the marathon he started.

Los Angeles Clippers player, Demarcus Cousins, was a huge fan of the late rapper. Only a couple of hours before the emcee was shot and killed in front of his Marathon clothing store in South Central, Boogie was posting the rapper’s music on his Instagram story. “Everyone knows I’m a huge Nipsey fan,” Cousins said. “He’s more to me than just a rapper. He’s an icon.”

The four-part series features some of the NBA’s top athletes, including Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, and DeMar DeRozan. As black men, Nispey’s message of leadership and community service resonated with the athletes, inspiring them to be their best selves. 

Check out The King of Crenshaw podcast. All four episodes are available of Spotify now. 



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