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The DJ

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“Through their artistry, the Elements of Hip Hop symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.”

Rock The Bells is proud to present Sideshow's new release, The Elements of Hip-Hop Statue Collection, created in collaboration with BUA.

BUA’s Elements of Hip Hop series celebrates the archetypal heroes of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, representing Art, MCing, DJing, and a tribute to the year 1981. The most famous of these is the iconic DJ, expertly rendered for the first time as a stunningly detailed three dimensional collectible that captures BUA’s recognizable style and vibrant artistic energy.

The DJ Statue measures 10" tall and 9.85" wide, utilizing a unique forced perspective
sculpt aided by dynamic lighting paint techniques to bring the DJ off the canvas and onto your shelf. Working tirelessly at his turntables, the DJ spins vinyl and manipulates the mixing board to scratch out his own signature beat. He stands as an homage to the musical innovators who pioneered Hip Hop culture through experimentation, dedication, and collaboration. From head to toe, the DJ is equipped with the tools of his trade, spinning an artistic legacy celebrated through generations


10" H x 9.85"W x 7.66" D