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DR76 Phantom White 5oz Canbot

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The DR76 Phantom White 5oz Canbot by Dragon76 x Czee13. Japanese graffiti artist Dragon76 takes on Czee13's Canbot form with his iconic style, merging science fiction street art with ancient samurai style.

The BRAND NEW DR76 Canbot figure, with its trooper-inspired respirator, heavy metal samurai helmet, the ouroboros imagery on the feet representing infinity and the cycle of life and death, are the perfect new edition to the CANZ family. 5oz Size (5.5" tall) Complete with trademark rattle, and twisting cap top!

License: Clutter Studios

Manufactured by: Clutter Studios

Product Size: 5.5" H (139.7mm) x 0" W (mm) x 0" L (mm)

Box Size:
Height: 5.00" (127 mm)
Width: 5.75" (146.05 mm)
Length: 6.75" (171.45 mm)