Busta Rhymes and Spliff Starr onstage at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

Busta Rhymes Performance Rocks the 2021 VMAs

Busta Rhymes is one of hip-hop’s greatest artists and performers. The Brooklyn native reminded hip-hop fans of his immense presence and eccentric energy with his 2021 MTV Video Music Award Performance on Sunday night (September 12) . 

Bussa Bus stole the show at the Barklays Center in his hometown of Brooklyn. Taking the stage, performing some of his biggest hits from his prolific 30-year career. 

His longtime hype man and friend, Spliff Star, joined the rapper in giving the VMA’s one of the most memorable moments of the night, tearing down the stage as they performed fan favorites like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” “Pass the Courvoisier,” his remix of “Ante Up,” “Look at Me Now,” and his iconic verse from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario.”


The 8-minute medley was an entire stage production, with stage props that reference his classic music videos, back-up dancers, and Busta in an eccentric stage outfit in classic Busta Rhymes style. 

Busta proves to be a timeless artist and dedicated performer, showing he still has the stamina and breathe control to keep up with both his timeless hip-hop contemporaries and the emcees of today. 

He ended is show-stealing performance exclaiming, “Brooklyn, don’t forget that!” Later hopping in Twitter to express his appreciation for his supports. “Thank you to God / my family and most importantly the fans for making each moment memorable and extremely special.”

Big ups to Bus-a-Bus for his contributions to our culture and his absolutely breathtaking performance last night at the VMAs. 




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